Can we do online booking via this website?

On the main page or the home page of our booking engine there is a link that can be used for online rooms booking at any hotels of Dafam Hotels.

Does Dafam Hotels have a product with a certain brand?

Dafam Hotels has developed and designed the four pieces of the hotel products that already covers a wide range of coating market with the strengths of each. Sub-Brand of Dafam Hotels are Hotel Dafam, Grand Dafam, and Dafam Express. For more details please visit this page.

How do I get special corporate rates?

For corporate cooperation with Dafam Hotels to get special price, please contact or use the form for your inquiry/interests on this page.

How many hotels have been currently operated by Dafam Hotels in 2023?

There are 20 unit hotels have been currently operated by Dafam Hotels and there is a hotels in the stage of project/construction. For more details please visit this page.

How many square of land or area that is needed to build a hotel?

In accordance with an area of land or land owned, Dafam Hotels has a wide range of hotel products that can be customized as specifications as needed. Check our product profile here for specification.

How to build a hotel or start a hospitality business?

With pleasure we will explain and assist you in this regard. Please contact our business development division on this page.

Is there any jobs opening at Dafam Hotels ?

There is always a chance to work and build a career with Dafam Hotels . Please learn the jobs attached to the Career page and please fill out a job application form that has been provided to the fullest. If you have further questions please send to

Is there any offered promotion at any hotels of Dafam Hotels ?

Please visit the promotion page that are available to our hotels on this page.

What if I have my own hotel brand?

Dafam Hotels - Associate Hotels is an umbrella that houses a wide range of hotel brands owned by associates and investors of Dafam Hotels . For more details please visit this page.

What is Dafam Hotels /Dafam Hotel Management?

Dafam Hotels /Dafam Hotel Management is a hospitality management company within Artotel Group.

What is the abbreviation of DHM?

DHM stands Dafam Hotel Management.

What is the first step to become a partner or client of Dafam Hotels?

Please contact our business development division or fill and send your inquiry/interest in the prepared form on this page.

What kind of services offered by Dafam Hotels?

As the Hotel Operator Management is the main product, but many services/other services offered as a complement to the investors/clients either to start or expand their hospitality businesses.

When was Dafam Hotels established?

Dafam Hotels officially became a company on 7 July 2010.

Where is the Dafam Hotels office?

DHM has its headquarters located in Semarang - Central Java, and sales offices in Jakarta.

Who founded Dafam Hotels?

Dafam Hotelsfounded by Billy Dahlan and Andhy Irawan.

Who is Andhy Irawan?

Andhy Irawan has been in the hospitality business and has a career experience in professional hotel management over 35 years in both the local and international companies.

Who is Billy Dahlan?

Billy Dahlan is a young Indonesian entrepreneur who has pioneered a wide range of business since the age of 25 years and he is the CEO of the corporation company of Dafam Group.

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