Graduation is an exciting moment. It is both an ending and a beginning. It is warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future. Do not let that moment passed through as the way it is.


  • Half Day Meeting
  • Lunch & Coffee Break  
  • Minimal 300 persons  

*terms & conditions applied

Grand Dafam Rohan Jogja

Jalan Janti - Gedongkuning No. 336

D.I. Yogyakarta - Indonesia

Tel. +62 274 28 100 99

Fax. +62 274 28 100 98

Call/WA: +62 811 2555 675


Facebook: Grand Dafam Rohan Jogja

IG: @granddafamrohanjogja


Grand Dafam

Rohan Jogja

Jalan Janti No. 336, Gedongkuning, Bantul 55198
D.I. Yogyakarta - Indonesia

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